Account Consolidation

Account Consolidation


This module extends the functionality of accounting to allow you to consolidate journal items in a consolidation company.


To install this module, you need the modules currency_monthly_rate and account_reversal to be available in your system.


To configure this module, you need to flag a company as Consolidation in the Accounting settings.

Then, you should define a consolidation difference account and a consolidation journal on the consolidation company, and create consolidation profiles for each subsidiary you want to consolidate.

For each subsidiary to consolidate, make sure the related partner of the company has no company_id defined.

Afterwards, you should define a consolidation account from your consolidation company, on every active account of the subsidiaries.

You can then use the 'Consolidation : Checks' wizard in Accounting > Adviser to ensure every active account of your subsidiaries are set, and company partners have no company defined.

Make sure you also defined currency rates and monthly currency rates on the currencies used in your subsidiaries, as P&L accounts are consolidated using monthly rates and B.S accounts using standard 'spot' rates.


To consolidate subsidiaries in your consolidation company, you should use 'Consolidation : consolidate' wizard in Accounting > Adviser.

You have to select the month until which every account move will be processed, and select if you want to consolidate all the moves or only posted ones.

This will generate a journal entry in YTD (Year-To-Date) mode on your consolidation company for each subsidiary. Those entries are flagged as 'to be reversed', so they will actually be reversed when you run the consolidation the next time.

The generated journal entry is unposted, allowing you to modify or delete it to run the consolidation again.